Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cooshies Diapers

I love to try on different types of diapers to my babies. I already tried so many brands like EQ color, EQ Plus, Drypers, Giggles, etc. etc.

When I went to SM the other day, I saw a new brand of diaper wherein Baby Company is carrying. The brand name is Cooshies. It is a little more expensive than EQ Plus. I bought 2 packs of 10 to try if it a good diaper.

We tried it immediately that night to our boys to see its quality the following day. The result is...NEGATIVE!!! Why:

- it is not that absorbent
- baby's wee wee leaks
- the cotton inside the diaper crumbles
- the diaper is too thin
- it ends up that you are using many diapers at the end of the day
- it irritates the skin of the baby
- the bottom of the baby is not kept dry (malagkit)

I don't recommend moms to buy this diaper. Mas mapapamahal pa kayo since you have to change diapers often. So far, the tested diapers for me are EQ plus and Drypers. I use EQ plus for everyday use and Drypers when we go out.

How about you moms, what diapers do you recommend?

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