Friday, March 30, 2012

Carpool It Is

Yesterday, I have to take public transportation in going to work since hubby's clinic is in the south area. Hubby dropped me off to the shuttle terminal at around 7:10am. Unfortunately, there are no vans available because I think most of the shuttle vans there are colorum and they are hot right now in the eyes of the traffic enforcers.

It's 7:45am already and yet there are no vans coming. At the queue, a group of girls asked me if I want to take a cab with them and the drop off point will be at Makati Med. I agreed because I'm terribly late already. Haayyyssttt...additional 41 bux for the fare...It's an ouch in the wallet...

While on our way to Makati, I asked these girls if they want to join me in a carpool since my hubby is driving me to the office every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They just have to pay me the same fare (P70.00). At least I could save in paying the Skyway Toll Fee which is P164.00 one way. They agreed (Yehey!!!).

This morning, it is the first day of our carpool. Only two of my new-found friends showed up. Not bad huh? It is still P140.00 savings on Toll Fee.

How about you guys, how do you save in your transportation expenses?

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