Sunday, August 07, 2011

Welcome Back Pawie!

Pawie was already disharged yesterday afternoon from the hospital. My hubby and I are very happy because the mass that was taken out from Pawie's neck is not a malignancy. It's just an enlarged lymph node. Buti na lang we saw it kaagad or else mahihirapan maalis yun dahil malapit na dumikit sa ugat na connected sa brain niya.

You won't believe how much we spent for Pawie's hospitalization. Grabe talaga...9k plus...imagine, talo pa ang tao!!! Paano if we don't have money? Eh di kawawa naman ang Pawie namin...

Kahit malaki ang gastos, ok lang. Pawie has been a part of our lives na. Love na love namin siya. He's a part of our family. He's our original baby.

Welcome back home Pawie Boy!!!

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