Friday, August 05, 2011

Pawie Got A Lump! :(

We went home early today. As my hubby parked the car, I noticed from afar that Pawie, our BEST dog buddy, has a lump at his right neck. My hubby checked him and found out that he has a dog bite at that area also. Initially, we thought that it is an abscess. Hubby tried if he could squeeze it out. Unfortunately, he can't do it.

I told him that we need to bring him to the hospital and seek for medical help. We brought Pawie to Cassandra Cares Hospital. It is the first animal hospital in the Philippines.

Hubby was amazed with the hospital. As in parang hospital ng tao. It has complete facilities.

Going back, the vet examined Pawie. Same lang din ang findings nya. He tried to extract the abscess using a syringe. May konting nakuha pero he discontinued it since mukhang matagal na raw based dun sa color ng pus na nakuha. Pawie needs to go a minor surgery daw. We consented kasi he might get sepsis. Hindi yata kami papayag ng hubby ko na may mangyaring masama kay Pawie namin. Si Pawie ata ang nagsilbing first baby namin.

Pawie was brought to the operating room...sedated...shaved...then when the vet checked the boundaries of the lump, it is not possible to do it with minor surgery since there is a feeder vessel. In layman's term, UGAT. We have no choice but to confine Pawie at the hospital. He needs a general anesthesia since he has to explore the lump and check if there are signs of malignancy.

Hopefully, Pawie will be well by tomorrow. We love you Pawie Boy our friend!

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