Friday, September 30, 2011

Yesterday - A Disaster

Yesterday was a disaster! My stress level almost neared the maximum... First, I'm so worried about my breast milk supply. Grabe the twins, naubos ang buffer ko sa fridge. As in sakto lang ang supply for the day. So ngayon naghahabol ako. As much as possible, I don't want to feed them formula kasi.

Second, sinabayan pa ako ng hubby ko ng bad news...Tama ba yun???? Super nagwoworry and namromroblema na nga ako sa breast milk supply ko tapos sabay banat ng bad news... Haaaayyyysssstttt.... Life talaga. The bad news is starting next month, he'll be the one to pay for the amortization of his hospital stocks... it was very unexpected. The initial plan kasi is that he'll be the one to start to pay for it once he is already established in that hospital. Eh, paano naman yun, e hindi nga nag-aaverage ng 2 paying patients per clinic siya doon tapos puro HMO pa.

So super budget na naman kami niyan...condominium monthly payment, hospital stocks monthly payment, monthly salary of 2 yayas and monthly utilities bill... at eto pa, lapit na ang first birthday ng twins, need to prepare for it also.

Well, well, that is life! Basta isa lang ang masasabi ko, "Huwag mangangako kapag alam mong mapapako!".

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Welcome Back Pawie!

Pawie was already disharged yesterday afternoon from the hospital. My hubby and I are very happy because the mass that was taken out from Pawie's neck is not a malignancy. It's just an enlarged lymph node. Buti na lang we saw it kaagad or else mahihirapan maalis yun dahil malapit na dumikit sa ugat na connected sa brain niya.

You won't believe how much we spent for Pawie's hospitalization. Grabe talaga...9k plus...imagine, talo pa ang tao!!! Paano if we don't have money? Eh di kawawa naman ang Pawie namin...

Kahit malaki ang gastos, ok lang. Pawie has been a part of our lives na. Love na love namin siya. He's a part of our family. He's our original baby.

Welcome back home Pawie Boy!!!

Dinner at King Bee Restaurant

My mom called me up this afternoon and informed me that we are going to eat out for dinner at King Bee Restaurant along Daang Hari. Siyempre, go kami dyan ni hubby. First time namin matritry ang King Bee. Nakakaintriga lang dahil lagi naming nadadaanan every time we pass by Daang Hari.

Dinner came...

We arrived at King Bee Restaurant a little bit passed 7pm...malawak ang place. Typical mid-ranged Chinese Restaurant...clean ang surroundings...neat tignan. What I don't like lang is their mascot. Weird kasi. Chinese na matandang bee. Ang baduy tignan. Hindi siya bagay sa atmosphere ng restaurant kasi yung mascot parang pang fastfood ang dating. Anyway, marami rin ang kumakain dito, puno halos ang seats.

My mom ordered steamed lapu lapu for my dad. Yun ang first na inorder para mailuto kaagad. Unfortunately, kinancel na namin ang order dahil tapos na kami kumain pero hindi naman dumating ang lapu lapu...mukhang nakatalon ulit ang isda sa dagat at kailangan huliin ulit. Hehehe.

We ordered pork siomai, hakaw, nido soup, beef haofan, beef steak, steamed Japanese tofu, Yangchow fried rice and salted fish fried rice for our main meal while bottomless iced tea, green mango shake and house tea for our drinks. Lastly for our dessert, we ordered buchi.

Their serving is generous enough...orders can be small, medium or large. Most of our orders are small pero each order can be shared by 3 to 4 persons. For the first time in history ha, we did not finish our food. May take out pa kami. Food is served hot and delicious naman. What I liked most is the beef haofan. Ang sarap sobra, firm ang noodles and tama lang ang timpla. I like also the nido soup, mainit and malasa. What I didn't like is the beef steak kasi maalat siya for me.

Overall, my rating for this restaurant is 8 out of 10. I will probably go back here pero quite some time pa...why? Medyo nahilo kasi ako after eating dinner eh...nasobrahan ata sa MSG ang mga food nila- what typical Chinese food is known for...

King Bee Reastaurant
Along Daang Hari Road beside Shell Station
Budget: 300-500 per head
Accepts functions

Friday, August 05, 2011

Pawie Got A Lump! :(

We went home early today. As my hubby parked the car, I noticed from afar that Pawie, our BEST dog buddy, has a lump at his right neck. My hubby checked him and found out that he has a dog bite at that area also. Initially, we thought that it is an abscess. Hubby tried if he could squeeze it out. Unfortunately, he can't do it.

I told him that we need to bring him to the hospital and seek for medical help. We brought Pawie to Cassandra Cares Hospital. It is the first animal hospital in the Philippines.

Hubby was amazed with the hospital. As in parang hospital ng tao. It has complete facilities.

Going back, the vet examined Pawie. Same lang din ang findings nya. He tried to extract the abscess using a syringe. May konting nakuha pero he discontinued it since mukhang matagal na raw based dun sa color ng pus na nakuha. Pawie needs to go a minor surgery daw. We consented kasi he might get sepsis. Hindi yata kami papayag ng hubby ko na may mangyaring masama kay Pawie namin. Si Pawie ata ang nagsilbing first baby namin.

Pawie was brought to the operating room...sedated...shaved...then when the vet checked the boundaries of the lump, it is not possible to do it with minor surgery since there is a feeder vessel. In layman's term, UGAT. We have no choice but to confine Pawie at the hospital. He needs a general anesthesia since he has to explore the lump and check if there are signs of malignancy.

Hopefully, Pawie will be well by tomorrow. We love you Pawie Boy our friend!

The Flying House

During my childhood days, one of my favorite cartoon shows is The Flying House. Enjoy na enjoy ako every time nananood ako nito. I got to know different Bible Stories and learn good values.

I came across mom center website and learned about the promo of Philippine Christian Book Store or PCBS. They are selling The Flying House and Superbook DVDs 50% off their regular price.

Ok di ba? I'll buy the complete set for my twins. I bet magugustuhan din nila ito like their mommy.

Until August 31 na lang ang promo nila. If you want to buy also, go na!

You can order thru email or call 851-0521 and 25 or can buy directly at all PCBS branches, other Christian bookstores, and at CSM Bookcorner.
Wednesday at 11:19pm · Like

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dahil sa Siomai...

Every lunch time, my dad and I (sometimes with my hubby and brother) eat together here in the office. We bring baon. Hindi naman sa pagiging kuripot, practical lang kami. Mas masarap ata ang baon, solve na solve ka compared naman kapag bumili ka sa fastfood - mahal na, bitin pa at very unhealthy.

Today, my brother unexpectedly joined us for lunch. I checked out our baon, kasya naman. We have PI Adobo (mapapamura ka sa anghang) and Salmon Steak. Then suddenly, my dad's yaya, Manang Susan, (well, we call her his yaya since she is attending to all my dad's needs in the office) went inside the room with a plateful of siomai. Nagulat ako kasi I didn't instruct her to cook it for us. So I told her "Oh, bakit nagluto ng siomai???" My dad answered back, "Ako nag-utos!" Then being so maloko with Manang Susan, I jokingly told her "Si Manang Susan kasi eh, pakialamera!"

My dad took it seriously, as in super! He got mad at me...He raised his voice... and made some bad decisions based on emotions....I really got hurt...Being an emotional person too, I also said something back to my dad that made him more mad at me. short, nag-away na naman dahil yun sa SIOMAI!!!

Anyway, naglabas ako ng sama ng loob by crying. Kaya ngayon maga na naman ang mga mata ko. Nang mahimasmasan ako, I did the right thing. I went back to my dad's room and said sorry to him. He said sorry rin sa akin. After hearing a short sermon from him, bati na ulit kami.

BTW, I heard, mainit na talaga ang ulo ng dad ko nung morning, sa akin lang sumabog....haaaysssttt....ang buhay nga naman, parang life...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Free Diapers

It was the last day of Diaper Sale last July 31 at the Baby Company section of SM Southmall department store. Tamang tama, I need to buy diapers for the twins. While checking on the diapers, the saleslady told me that if I purchase a diaper, she's going to give me 2 pcs Mamy Poko Pull Up diapers.

I checked on the price of EQ Diaper and ang laki naman ng discount. From P190+ to P183 na lang. So I bought a thousand worth of diapers.

While looking for other items to buy, naging instant stars ang mga twins ko. Pinagkaguluhan ng mga salesladies. Aba naman kasi, pacute ang mga chikiting sa mga girls. Ang dadaldal! At ang mga ladies tuloy, tuwang tuwa. Ayun, yung saleslady na nagsabi sa akin na 2 pcs lang ng Mamy Poko Pull Up diapers ang ibibigay niya sa akin, ay sobrang natuwa at naging maya't maya ang bigay sa akin..."O Ma'am para po sa kambal!"...And guess how many ang total free diapers na nakuha ng twins? 16 PIECES! Ang dami no? Almost 1 pack din ang free nila. Grabe, napapakinabangan din naman pala ang charms ng twins ko.

So next time, lagi dapat kasama ang kambalistik kapag nagshoshopping...

First Time in Walker

Our twins are growing really fast. They are already six months. They can already stand with support and are trying to walk. So we thought of buying them a walker...

Last Sunday, we went to SM Southmall to check out on walkers... OMG, they are not cheap!!! and we have TWINS!!! The cheapest that we could see is P2,999.00.

And of course, our twins tried them...and here are their pictures...



 Aren't they so cute? You can see the excitement on their faces. My hubby wants to buy them this walker. Pero ako na...ako na ang KURIPOT...I told him that it's not practical since the twins will only use it for about six months or so.

So calling mga lolo't lola...baka puwede pasponsor??? Hahaha...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Manila Bay Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise

Last Mother's Day and Father's Day, my hubby and I didn't have any gifts to our parents. BATI lang ang ginawa namin. We decided to treat na lang our parents somewhere. Triple date kung baga. At least it will be a bonding moment for us.

Pero until now hindi pa namin sila natrea-treat. Why? Because we are waiting for the right time...Kidding aside, we are still on search of the best deal that Ensogo, Metrodeal, Megadeal and likes can offer.

Yesterday, I checked the internet if there are new deals. Alas! There is a P250.00 Manila Bay Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise deal from Metrodeal.

P250 instead of P545 for a Unique and Delicious Manila Bay Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet Cruise with the Prestige Cruise Ship
  In my mind I said "Eto na yun! May dinner buffet na, may Cruise pa!" I immediately informed my hubby and without any hesitations he agreed. Oh di ba, makakatipid na naman kami?

An Almost Bellarocca Island Experience

This morning when I checked my email, I saw a deal from Citibank - a 3 days 2 nights package at Bellarocca Island for only P 12,912.00 wherein you can pay using 0% Paylite at P 1,076.00 a month for 12 months:

Good deal right? Paano ba naman literal na "dollar" ang rates sa Bellarocca. Of course, I started looking for available flights first. Mas maganda kapag sigurado diba? Ayun, I already have a will be on October sana since it is my birth month. After finding a flight, I immediately called the partner travel agency of Citibank and tried to book it on my chosen dates. Unfortunately, the girl on the other line told me "Sorry Ma'am, fully booked na po kami...". Shucks talaga, super excited pa naman ako, as in ibang level ng excitement ang nafeel ko earlier...biglang baba!!!

I even asked her if there are other dates na libre, at siyempre ang sagot "Ma'am fully booked na po kami talaga, wala ng available na date, if you want ibang package na lang kaso based on original price na...pero you can still avail of Citibank's 0% Paylite." Of course, hindi ko kinuha no...Ano ako bale? Super expensive na lang ako abroad puwede pa.

So moral of the story, dapat laging maging updated sa mga promo promo na yan! Bawal ang mahuli sa balita!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hyun Dai Apple Studio

I received an email from Ensogo this morning. I checked their deal for the day. I came across an offer from Hyun Dai Apple Studio. Tamang tama, I'm planning to have a studio picture of my twins and our family. Their offer is not bad at all... 50% off... so from P1,200.00, P 599.00 na lang ang isang package. Aside from that, I can get an additional 5% discount if I use a BDO credit card. So I purchased a package for only P 570.00. The package includes one piece 8R photo, two pieces 5R photos and four pieces wallet size photos with 4 poses of your choice. Sulit na di ba?

If you want to know more information, you can click the link below:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saudi Dog

Here in the Philippines, you'll know if someone worked in Saudi. How? By his jewelries. Kulang na lang mukhang may hepa na dahil naninilaw ang buong katawan dahil sa naglalakihang gold jewelries na suot. Hence, he can be coined as "Saudi Boy".

If there is a Saudi Boy, there is also a Saudi Dog...

See his super kapal gold necklace? Head turner kaya ang doggie na ito. I thought namamalikmata lang ako, pero tinitigan ko siya maigi nung first time ko siya nakita. Talagang may alahas na suot. From then on, I called him Saudi Dog.

The funny thing about this dog is that his real name is Mc Donalds and you can call him by his nickname Mac Mac. Obviously, dog rin siya ng neighbor namin. Bongga di ba? May Jollibee na sila, may Mc Donalds pa. Ano kayang pangalan ng fastfood ang susunod na iname nila sa dog nila?

What a Name!?!

When you hear the word "Jollibee", what do you normally think of? Of course, the famous fastfood chain here in the Philippines. The one with a big red bee mascot...

One day while walking back home, I heard my neighbor shout "JOLLIBEE". Napatigil talaga ako and asked myself, "Tama ba ang narinig ko?". Then again, she shouted "JOLLIBEE" and then I looked back. Yun pala she is calling her dog. As in, tawang tawa ako sa pangalan ng dog niya. Kasi naman, of all the names bakit yun ang pangalan. Very WEIRD lang talaga.

Twitter Addict

It was just last month when my hubby signed up for a Twitter account. Originally, his purpose is just to update the Facebook fan page of our dog, Pawie.

Pawie's fan page at Facebook

Pawie's Twitter Account

Now, he is already HOOKED!!! As in super! Sobrang enjoy siyang makipagdebate at mang-asar on Twitter...Warfreak kung baga.

As a result...